Philippe CORNET s.a.
Exploitation forestière
Route de Barvaux 1
6990 Hotton
Tél.  +32 84 47 73 48
Fax  +32 84 47 83 91



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Created in 1986, the S.A. Philippe CORNET  is a company of softwoods forest exploitation and of round woods trade.

As for the forest exploitation, we are you privileged partners in a circle of 31 miles around Marche-en-Famenne.

We buy growing stock from individuals and from communes.

We have got a cutting station and we give more value to the small softwoods.

We deliver all our round woods all over Belgium but we also export to the Netherlands, Italy, India & China.

On our setting you will find in retrail : stake, timber trestle, post, pile, stake prop, decorative barks (mulch), ...

Since 2009, we are involved into the PEFC forest certification.

We have been recognized for years for our know-how, for the quality of our work and our excellent services make our reputation.